Easy methods to Hook a Minnow for Bass – 3 Greatest Fishing Strategies

Easy methods to Hook a Minnow for Bass – 3 Greatest Fishing Strategies
Easy methods to Hook a Minnow for Bass – 3 Greatest Fishing Strategies

Fishing usually entails the usage of baits with the intention to appeal to your goal species. Though there are plethoras of synthetic baits out there available in the market proper now, the usage of pure ones remains to be efficient. Nicely, utilizing a minnow as bait will usually persuade a fish to have a chew. The query is the right manner on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing.

On this weblog put up, we detailed among the most essential methods wanted in fishing minnows. Other than that, we even have right here the totally different strategies that may information you within the correct manner of hooking a minnow. As an added bonus, there can even be some essential key factors that it’s best to contemplate throughout minnow fishing.

Primary Methods in Fishing Minnows

Primary Methods in Fishing Minnows
Primary Methods in Fishing Minnows

Minnows are literally small fish which might be popularly utilized by most anglers as their bait. That is usually an efficient bait or lure for fishing bass, crappies, and bluegill. Nevertheless, to ensure that anglers to have a greater catch of these trophy fish, they will need to have a greater thought of find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing. Remember that a profitable catch extremely depends upon the correct manner of hooking a minnow for bass fishing.

how to hook a minnow for bass

However earlier than that, it is very important study the fundamental fishing strategies utilizing minnows. Let’s discover them one after the other.


Mainly, the primary fishing approach utilizing minnows is thru fishing in shallow water. This fishing technique is often executed utilizing a float. There’s a hook, a cut up shot that maintains the bait down the water, and a float. Don’t neglect to incorporate a bobber stopper right here as it’s important in controlling the depth of the bait.

Typically, anglers need their bait to be submerged deep down the water with a bobber dimension of 18”. Some often choose the wood floats as they are often solid out simply. Other than that, wood floats are usually extra sturdy and have the flexibility to carry higher inside the wind.


Nicely, this method of fishing utilizing a minnow is sort of more durable in comparison with the primary one. The hook attachment is often on the finish of the fishing line. Moreover, there must also be a pinch of 1/4 ounce of bullet sinker with a measurement of 18” gearing upward the fishing line. Permit the bait to submerged deep down the underside of the water and finally reel up the road for few instances.

Afterward, utilizing the free spool place the reel in there and maintain it via your thumb. Simply permit the fish to run fairly little earlier than organising the hook. Nevertheless, this minnow fishing technique is just a little bit harmful for fish suspended over bait faculties. It’s advisable to make use of your electronics to signaling the colleges how deep you may go. Do not forget that the important thing right here is the right boat place and the suitable interpretation of electronics.


Supreme for sight fishing or pitching, this free-line fishing technique usually permits you to catch huge fish suspended slightly below the docks or timber. Often, you need to make a protracted solid right here by utilizing a naked hook that’s truly weightless. Typically, one of the best ways on find out how to hook a minnow via this technique is through the backside lip going in direction of the nostril. We may have an in depth dialogue of this course of as we go alongside.

The overall rule that applies right here is to select your bait on a location the place fish stays. Get the bait in any potential means with out having them killed.

Vital Issues to Take into account on Easy methods to Hook a Minnow for Bass Fishing

Utilizing a minnow for bass fishing isn’t so simple as you suppose. Like every other course of, you should additionally have to take some issues into issues right here.

*Making Minnows as Bait

Really, utilizing minnows as bait or lure when fishing for bass is a tough and difficult fishing exercise for many anglers. Contemplating the usage of minnows as your bait, you’ll usually must make extra effort in comparison with different available baits. Nevertheless, the minnow remains to be the primary alternative of most anglers when they’re in search of pure baits.

Though the problem is at hand, utilizing minnows for bass fishing is definitely efficient. But, at all times remember that the success of catching bait utilizing minnow baits extremely depends upon the suitable strategies. Furthermore, you should even have data concerning the correct methods on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing.

*Choosing the Applicable Hook

Like every other exercise in fishing, deciding on the suitable hook to make use of is de facto essential. Do not forget that in selecting essentially the most appropriate fishing hook for minnows, there are a couple of elements to take into consideration. First is the dimensions of the hook. Remember that it ought to principally rely upon the dimensions of the minnows.

Often, minnows could have a dimension of lower than 7.5 cm. So, with this, you may usually decide a hook that has a dimension of 4 or 6. In the meantime, for these minnows which have a dimension vary of 10 to 12.5 cm, larger hook sizes must also be used. As an illustration, you may truly go for hooks with a dimension of two or 1/10.

A key level to recollect right here, simply to present your self time to investigate for the hook that’s greatest appropriate for you. Suppose higher for the hook that may be excellent sufficient on your minnow bass fishing.

Easy methods to Hook a Minnow for Bass Fishing – 3 Completely different Hooking Strategies

Since minnows are small fish, the best way on find out how to hook them for bass fishing wants additional warning and carefulness. Do not forget that if you happen to obtained the mistaken transfer, you’ll positively lose your catch. The next the assorted strategies on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing.

I. Hook a Minnow on his Lips

how to hook a minnow for bass

Casting and retrieving a minnow is completed higher once you hook it via its lips both on the decrease or higher half. That is for the aim of permitting the fish to swim freely regardless if you’re pulling it on the water. Typically, this technique is principally good for a number of casts the place you aren’t capable of hold the minnow alive for a protracted time period.

You want to use brief lifts, mushy pops, and a few breaks. Furthermore, if you’ll have to vibrate the tip of the fishing rod, you’ll enhance the motion of the minnow whereas it retains on pivoting over your hook. Though a minnow will be hooked on both the higher or decrease lip, it’s nonetheless higher if you happen to hook it simply on one lip. That is to present manner for the water to get via the gills.

With a purpose to efficiently hook a minnow for bass fishing via its lips, principally, inside the decrease lip, thread the hook first. And finally, transfer on the higher lip half. Because the hook level is popping upright, it is going to permit the minnow to swim in that route. It’s also advisable to test after the minnows once you choose to hook it via this technique. In case you see any indicators that the fish is dying, exchange it instantly.

II. Hook a Minnow on his Again

One other manner on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing is thru its dorsal fin. Hooking it over his again lets them transfer naturally on the water regardless if they’re rigged or not. Furthermore, this technique can even permit them to remain on the water. In comparison with the primary technique, this fashion of hooking a minnow is ideal for ice fishing.

You simply must rig it underneath a sinker in order that will probably be maintained under the water. The bobber must also be round 18 inches or 45 cm in entrance of the minnow. That can prohibit the minnow from swimming downward in a far distance. This dorsal fin hooking additionally lets the minnow keep alive longer in comparison with when it’s hooked on its lips.

However, you continue to must be cautious in doing this technique. Bear in mind to not pierce the backbone of the minnow. When you hook it you’ll capable of paralyze it anyway.

III. Hook a Minnow on the Tail

In case you’ll be fishing with none weight or bobber, one of the best ways on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing is thru its tail. This technique of hooking principally permits them to freely swim as a result of the load isn’t pulled down. Among the many three strategies, that is the one which usually permits the minnows to remain alive for an extended time interval.

All the time keep in mind that the unweighted line throughout fishing is the very best one to make use of as a result of the minnows are small fish. Different anglers choose utilizing the tail maintain technique via the usage of a lightweight sinker. This hooking a minnow technique is extremely most well-liked if you end up casting on a specific goal. It’s also appropriate when fishing for suspended fish over the timber or near the boat.

Tackles and Rigs – Important Instruments in Hooking a Minnow for Bass Fishing

Tackles and Rigs – Important Instruments in Hooking a Minnow for Bass Fishing
Tackles and Rigs – Important Instruments in Hooking a Minnow for Bass Fishing

Throughout minnow fishing, deal with and rigs are literally essential. With that in thoughts, additionally it is essential to observe this stuff under:

  • A barrel swivel usually acts as a stopper. So, for minnow fishing, you may both rig that fishing device or a 3-way swivel in entrance of the hook. Nevertheless, the latter is much better as a dipsey sinker somewhat than a stopper. Few anglers are utilizing the snap swivel as a result of it’s fairly simpler to make use of particularly when it’s essential to change the hooks and lures. The downside is that it provides extra weight. If we shall be tracing again, hooking a minnow usually requires weight discount.
  • Thinner strains are literally higher to make use of particularly if you end up fishing on clear water. That is extremely appropriate for minnow fishing over the lakes and rivers for the reason that water there’s principally clear. Strains of round 3 or 4 kg class are the very best ones to make use of for this.

Suggestions and Approach Whereas Utilizing Minnows for Bass Fishing

Suggestions and Approach Whereas Utilizing Minnows for Bass Fishing
Suggestions and Approach Whereas Utilizing Minnows for Bass Fishing

Nicely, fishing with minnows is mostly a difficult activity. Other than being small, minnows extremely demand extra care and a spotlight. Furthermore, transporting them is definitely a troublesome course of. In case you need the minnows to remain alive throughout fishing, contemplate these essential issues:

Take into account a cool temp

Typically, minnows choose to be on cool water. Sustaining the cool temperature permits them to thrive. Simply be certain that the water temperature isn’t as excessive in comparison with the temperature of the water within the space the place you’ll be minnow fishing.

Between the cool water and heat water, the cool one consists of extra oxygen. Other than that, minnows additionally must be maintained out of daylight. It’s also a good suggestion to include a adequate quantity of ice. Once more, you additionally must be cautious right here as putting an excessive amount of ice could trigger shock to the minnows.

Guarantee that there’s a clear water  

Nicely, that is usually relevant not solely throughout minnow fishing but additionally in catching different kinds of fish. Clear water is a should. All the time make it a behavior to filter and alter the water inside your bucket.

That is extremely essential if you end up contemplating holding the minnows over a specific time interval. Instantly exchange the water as soon as it begins to get cloudy. Doing so will assist in the elimination of ammonia buildup coming from the waste excreted by the fishes.

One other tip is to make use of a de-chlorinating answer when you’ll be utilizing faucet water. Simply add a couple of drops of the answer and it’ll take away any traces of chlorine inside the water.

Get assist from an aerator

Aerators are widespread in giving off oxygen into the fish bucket that may lengthen the minnow’s lives. This gadget works underneath the usage of batteries whereas others include adapters. Utilizing aerators is an enormous assist in adjusting the extent of oxygen so it’s higher to contemplate its use.

In case you’ll be in search of an aerator, discover one which operates easily and quietly. That can significantly hold you from disturbing any fish underwater.

Keep away from overcrowding the minnows

A considerable amount of baitfish inside a small bucket is a no-no. It should usually trigger excessive competitors for the out there oxygen provide inside the water. In reference to that, it is going to additionally contribute to the elevated quantity of ammonia. Do not forget that a 1-gallon bucket has the flexibility to deal with the next minnows:

  • Fathead minnows having a dimension of three/4 to 1 inch – most of 6 dozen
  • Shiner minnows with 2 to three 1/2 inch – round 4 to five dozen
  • Bigger minnows of about 3 1/2 inches or extra – 1 to 1/2 dozens

Typically, a 5-gallon bucket is extremely really useful for very massive baitfish. This contains suckers which have a dimension of 10 to 18 inches.

Further Information:

Nicely, one other benefit of utilizing reside minnows is saving your bucks on baits. That is usually useful if you end up accessing freshwater. Other than that, minnows are extremely out there for catching at your personal comfort. You simply have to have a fundamental lure for minnows which you should purchase or put together by your self.

Merely throw breadcrumbs or a slice of bread contained in the lure. Afterward, toss it right into a shallow water space. If you wish to expertise the very best outcomes, permit your lure to remain on the water in a single day. Fortunately, there are cases that the lure will be crammed in in just some hours.

Steadily Requested Questions:


A: Minnows are usually helpful in catching bass particularly the largemouth species. When utilizing minnows, some anglers efficiently have a chew of bass having a dimension of seven inches as much as a most of seven kilos. Nevertheless, the dimensions of the minnow will usually fluctuate based mostly on the fishing species that you just need to catch.


A: Typically, throughout shallow fishing utilizing minnows, additionally it is an important adjunct to make use of bobbers. This technique extremely calls for having a minnow, hook, bobber, and bobber stopper, and a cut up shot. The usage of the bobber stoppers is to deal with the depth by which the bait could capable of go down. The standard setup of the bobber having a minnow is ideal for catching crappies, catfish, and bass.


A: Mainly, a bobber might not be of nice assist if you end up on trout right into a lake. That is primarily because of the truth that the lake is as deep as 80+ toes. For a bait to get deep down, you extremely want bait.

Closing Ideas

Realizing among the fundamental and customary methods on find out how to hook a minnow for bass fishing is mostly essential. With that in thoughts, you are actually positive that you’re in your greatest method to be an awesome angler. Typically, small fishing actions like this are the very best key in direction of enhancing your potential as an angler. Other than that, it is possible for you to to efficiently land on a chance to have an awesome catch!

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