Greatest Northern Pike Fishing in United States – 10 Locations to Go to

Greatest Northern Pike Fishing in United States
Greatest Northern Pike Fishing in United States

Northern Pikes can be a thrilling sport fish to catch. They are fast and one of the largest freshwater sport fishes found in Northern America. It is this reason that catching one can be a very rewarding experience. Pikes also love to eat baits, whether they are live or useless, which makes them a great choice for novice anglers looking for a boost in confidence. To make your fishing more enjoyable, you should search for lakes that offer the best Northern Pike fishing in the United States. Here are 10 other lakes that I love and recommend you should visit.

1. Lake Mendota, Wisconsin

best Northern Pike fishing in United States

Lake Mendota is up to now the very best place I’ve visited as a result of it’s stocked with a lot of pikes. The lake itself is surrounded by agricultural land, which supplies it a laidback vibe. Total, this lake has a water floor of 9,842 acres and a most depth of 82 ft.

Nonetheless, it’s best to be aware that there are strict bag limits on Lake Mendota. For pikes, the minimal size is 40 inches, and the each day bag restrict is only one fish.

Additionally, there’s solely a Northern Pike season right here, which falls from the primary week of Could to March. When you’re planning to go to exterior of these months, you may fish for different species as a substitute.

Lake Mendota is situated within the northernmost a part of Madison, Wisconsin. Its waters transfer slowly, which is ideal for kayak fishing.

2. Higher Pink Lake, Minnesota

Higher Pink Lake, Minnesota
Higher Pink Lake, Minnesota

When you’re in Minnesota, it’s best to go to the Upper Red Lake. It’s situated in Beltrami County and is taken into account one of many largest inland lakes within the state. Nonetheless, this lake is appropriate for knowledgeable anglers as Higher Pink Lake has been the location of many fishing tragedies previously.

If you are going on a non-tribal fishing trip, there is a slot restriction. Locals enforce this restriction to protect the fishery and stop anglers abusing it.

This is where many anglers flock. Open-water fishing is available throughout the year, from mid-Could to June. Bag limits are set at 40 inch Northern Pikes. The bag limit is 3 pikes per day during open season. Anglers are advised to stay within certain coordinates in order to ensure they are not outside the state waters.

3. Yukon River, Alaska

best Northern Pike fishing in United States

When you’re planning a giant journey to Alaska, you may as nicely add the Yukon River to your itinerary. This river is the third-longest in North America. It traverses by British Columbia, Alaska, and Canada. Solely the decrease half is beneath the jurisdiction of Alaska.

It is intimidating to fish in Yukon because it is such a large river. Its size can be what makes it attractive to pikes. Here, you’ll find pikes that are more than 48 inches long. This is a bigger size than what you might catch at other lakes in the United States.

Yukon River authorities allow up to 10 Northern Pikes per person with no limit on their size. This is great information if your goal is to bring home a large catch. It’s the most lenient bag limit I’ve ever seen.


4. Iowa Nice Lakes, Iowa

Iowa Nice Lakes, Iowa
Iowa Nice Lakes, Iowa

The Iowa Great Lakes consists of seven lakes, specifically the West Okoboji, East Okoboji, Spirit Lake, Higher Gar, Decrease Gar, Silver Lake, and Minnewashta. The most important of those lakes is the Spirit Lake, however the entire waters are appropriate for Northern Pike fishing.

Many anglers fish in Iowa’s Nice Lakes. Although it is home to more than 40 species of fish, pike is often overlooked. The most important document, at 25 kilos and taken in West Okoboji Lake, is the one that has been captured up to this point.

Because the fishes here are active and have a tendency towards shallow waters, early spring is the best time to fish. The Spirit Lake is home to over 10,000 mature pike, according to authorities.

The authorities allow pikes up to 35 inches long and most commonly 6 per day.


5. Burt Lake, Michigan

Burt Lake is situated in Cheboygan County with over 17,120 acres of water floor. Except for being an excellent boating lake, it’s additionally widespread as a pike haven. The Burt Lake is 73 ft deep at a most, which is an ideal harborage for sport fishes.

Except for Northern Pike, Burt Lake can also be teeming with trout, sturgeon, bass, sunfish, crappie, catfish, and muskie. If you’d like, you too can launch a ship for off-shore fishing.

Burt Lake is surrounded by marinas the place you may lease a fishing boat. You can even deliver your RV and lease a hook up right here. It’s a fairly developed space with primary requirements which are simply accessible. There are eating places, comfort shops, and sort out retailers round. One bonus half right here is the scenic view of Burt Lake, which is an ideal spot for household holidays.

6. Lake Pepin, Wisconsin

Lake Pepin, Wisconsin
Lake Pepin, Wisconsin

Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring lake situated on the Mississippi River. This can be a giant lake with over 24,000 acres of water floor teeming with Northern Pike, bluegill, and bass. It’s a favourite spot for anglers who need to go residence with a giant catch. Additionally, you should have entry to a ship ramp right here, in case you’re renting one.

Lake Pepin can be fished all year round, but spring is the best time to catch big pikes. In spring, fishing tournaments are also held at the lake.

It is important to be aware of the dangers posed by seagulls and terns diving into the ocean. As summer approaches, pikes will often be found feeding on the shallow parts of the water. This is a great way to catch a huge fish.

7. Lake Onalaska, Wisconsin

Lake Onalaska, Wisconsin
Lake Onalaska, Wisconsin

Lake Onalaska is a reservoir on the Black River and Mississippi River. This runs by Minnesota and Wisconsin, so it’s best to thoughts which shore you’re fishing at.

Lake Onalaska covers more than 8,000 acres and has a maximum depth of 40 feet. Although it isn’t very large and deep, it is home to many pikes, walleyes, and bass. However, there are likely to be some parts of the lake that are lined with hyacinths and lilies, which can be problematic if you want to cast a line. It is difficult to read the water here, so it is best to inspect first before you aim for pikes.

To avoid any problems, you should also test the native rules before fishing in Lake Onalaska.

8. Leech Lake, Minnesota

Leech Lake, Minnesota
Leech Lake, Minnesota

Leech Lake is situated in Cass County and is an unincorporated group within the Leek Lake Township. It has been developed to welcome vacationers and households who need to spend a while near nature.

The best time to fish for Northern Pike is in spring. These fishes are often found in shallow, weedy bays with perch and walleyes. Although the summer season is a great time to fish pike it is not as prolific as spring.

You can also find resorts and retailers that offer guided fishing. You can also rent a boat if you want to venture off-shore. You can also get licenses at local fuel stations so you are ready to go when you reach your favorite spot on the lake.

9. Fort Peck Lake, Montana

For individuals who are in Montana, the Fort Peck Lake isn’t one to overlook. It’s a serious reservoir that was shaped from the Fort Peck Dam. Its waters are residence to pikes, walleyes, salmons, perch, trouts, bass, and sturgeons.

The Northern Pikes have been planted into the lake again within the Nineteen Fifties and has grown large and populous through the years. You may simply catch 8 to 20-pound pikes right here through the peak season.

The lake authorities additionally host fishing tournaments right here, the place you may be part of, however it’s often walleye fishing. Earlier than you go, just be sure you have a fishing license and that you’ve checked the lake guidelines.

10. Devils Lake, North Dakota

Devils Lake, North Dakota
Devils Lake, North Dakota

For the skilled angler who’s trying to struggle off a big pike, Devils Lake in North Dakota gives the very best Northern Pike fishing in United States. It’s additionally a preferred place {for golfing} and looking. With greater than 160,000 acres of water floor, Satan’s Lake is certain to place your angling abilities to the check.

Satan’s Lake is named so because of the size and variety of its fishes. Because many anglers can catch 2-pound perch here, it has earned the title of ‘Perch Capital of the World.

If you are a beginner you will find information that will assist you. A boat can be rented for offshore fishing at Eastbay Campground or Lakeview Lodge, Spirit Lake Marina, Woodland Resort, and Woodland Resort.

Ideas for catching the very best Northern Pike

best Northern Pike fishing in United States

Northern Pikes are predatory fishes and can be lured with almost any bait. For greater success rates, I recommend the following suggestions:

  • Use strong grippers. Even after you hook it, Northern Pikes can be a difficult fish to catch. Use sturdy grippers to capture the fish from the road. You may be able to save your hand from any possible scrapes.
  • Use heavy leaders. Pikes are ambush predators, as I mentioned earlier. You may be able to reduce your line and still get a good snack. Use thick leaders that are made for 30-pounders to ensure the fish gets hooked.
  • Fish in the correct lake. Through the years, I have learned that while angling skills are important, finding the right lake is another. There are many lakes in the United States, but not all of them are good spots for Northern Pikes. To save you a lot of trouble, I have listed 10 of the most beautiful lakes and rivers that you can visit for giant pikes.
  • Use meaty lures. Pikes are carnivorous fishes and will eat small fishes. If you use meaty baits or larger but still live fish, your chances of hooking them are higher. It is also a good idea to change your bait often, as pikes are known for their ferocious feeding habits.
  • Do not attempt to kiss it. Posing for a kiss between a pike and you will regret it. You could be bitten by the fish and have your face sliced off. This can lead to a trip to the emergency room.
  • Change spots . Pikes can transfer a lot. You can make a huge catch by catching fish in completely different places. You may find that your transfer is unpredictable on a particular fish. Fishes can also transfer to different spots in the lake as the sun changes.


    Here are ten places where you can experience the best Northern Pike fishing in the United States. Every journey is exciting because each location has its own topography and fish inhabitants.


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