Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole – Your Final Fishing Information

Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole – Your Final Fishing Information
Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole – Your Final Fishing Information

Mullet fish is simply an average-sized fish. However, due to its vigorousness and nice power, most anglers discover it tough to catch them. But, if you’re keen sufficient to catch mullet resulting from its deliciousness, it’s important to know how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole. If you have already got an concept of the right methods of doing so, you’ll say that mullet fishing is actually value attempting.

On this weblog put up, we’ll unravel the steps in catching mullets by using a fishing pole. However first, you’ll want to have just a little bit of data about this sort of fish. Remember that this water exercise shouldn’t be at all times a win-win scenario. Typically, you’ll have to lose however don’t get dismayed. Simply verify on under and see how these steps might be of nice assist on your mullet fishing.

Methods to Catch a Mullet: Determine the Fish 

Methods to Catch a Mullet: Determine the Fish
Methods to Catch a Mullet: Determine the Fish

Earlier than leaping into realizing one of the best ways on how you can catch a mullet, it’s truly important to find out this sort of fish. Principally, a mullet is usually present in British whereby you’ll be able to find three primary fish species. Catching them typically makes use of the identical methodology – by using a fishing pole or the rigs and baits.

The three primary fish species of mullet are the Golden gray, thick-lipped, and thin-lipped mullet. Normally, these three species are known as collectively gray mullets. With a purpose to distinguish how you can catch a mullet, allow us to first outline one species from the opposite.

Thick-lipped Mullet

Scientific Title: Chelon labrosus.

Common Weight: 1 Kg or 2 1/4 lbs

Among the many three species of mullet, the thick-lipped mullet tends to be the largest and the preferred inhabitant of the British waters. Its streamlined physique is grey-blue in colour over the again and has silver shades on its sides and stomach. You too can discover darkish grey-brown stripes everywhere in the sides. Thick-lipped mullet is noticeable resulting from its small head, a pair of dorsal fins, pectoral fins, and anal fin.

Skinny-lipped Mullet

Scientific Title: Liza ramada

Common Weight: 0.7 Kg or 1 1/2 lbs

More often than not, the thin-lipped mullet is mistakenly recognized because the thick-lipped mullet. But, the variations between the 2 are literally noticeable. Clearly, this mullet species has a thinner lip in comparison with the primary one. By way of weight and colour, the thin-lipped species are available smaller sizes and lighter hues.

The colour of this mullet is definitely offered in a blue tint with lighter traces that traverse alongside its physique. There’s additionally a black spot that you could typically discover inside the backside a part of the pectoral fin. These are the commonest variations between the thick-lipped and thin-lipped mullet.

Golden Gray Mullet

how to catch mullet with a fishing pole

Scientific Title: Liza aurata

Common Weight: 340 g or 12 oz

That is truly the rarest species of mullet fish that you could see inside the British waters. Its physique is usually longer in comparison with the primary two and so as to add up the extremely noticeable tail-fin. The colour of the physique of the Golden gray mullet is definitely darkish gray that covers the again. As soon as it reaches the underbelly space of this fish, the darkish gray colour turns into a light-weight silver shade.

Usually, the Golden gray mullet was named after the very apparent golden patches together with its gill covers. That’s why you’ll be able to simply distinguish this mullet species from the opposite. Apart from that, the Golden gray can be the smallest among the many three.

What’s the Finest Means on Methods to Catch a Mullet: Use a Fishing Pole

What's the Finest Means on Methods to Catch a Mullet: Use a Fishing Pole
What’s the Finest Means on Methods to Catch a Mullet: Use a Fishing Pole

Since all the mullet species are on the identical umbrella below the time period gray mullet, catching them additionally follows an analogous methodology. Usually, the way in which on how you can catch mullet is thru a fishing pole. Which means you mainly have to have rigs and baits readily available to be able to have your trophy. Listed below are among the issues that you will need to contemplate to be able to efficiently carry out the steps on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole.

1-Search for one of the best baits

Nicely, one of many methods on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole is to connect to it one of the best baits. There’s truly plenty of baits that you need to use for you to have the ability to catch a mullet. Included in your bait choices are these tiny ragworms and recent fish strips just like the mackerel, pilchard, and herring. They mainly do their job very well in catching this sort of fish species.

Different efficient choices are the soft-backed crab-lets, peeled prawns, and shrimps. Fortunately, river fishing for mullet gives wider bait alternatives. Maggots, earthworms, candy corn, and bread paste are the baits that may use within the river. Along with that, additionally it is attention-grabbing to attempt cheese paste, boiled macaroni topped with grated cheese, and tiny items of peeled banana with honey.

Synthetic baits are additionally out there for mullet fishing. Finest examples for this are the flounder spoons and the particular angler’s mullet spoon. Each of these fishing merchandise mainly include bait hooked up to the hook.

2-Know the season

In the summertime and autumn months, you’ll be able to typically attempt your luck at catching mullet. Keep in mind that these are the standard months wherein the gray mullet feeds on. Usually, one of the best candidates to fish a mullet are within the months of Might to October.

But, mullets may also be caught efficiently throughout heat winter inside the estuary waters in southern England. The spring climate is one other good season on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole.

3-Determine the popular feeding grounds

Normally, the proper areas the place gray mullet are at all times consuming up their meals are inside the mid-water, seabed, and shut or on the floor. Generally, which means that one can see mullets feeding on all ranges of water. This even consists of the harbors and estuaries. The farthest kilometers inside the tidal rivers aren’t an exception right here.

Different scorching spots the place gray mullet loves to hold round are the piers, bays, creeks, coves, jetties, and rocky outcrops. Typically, mullets have the satisfaction of swimming and feeding over the shallow waters.

4-Discover one of the best rigs to make use of in catching mullet

Nicely, relying in your location of fishing, there are advisable rigs that you could successfully use. Realizing that’s extremely vital to be able to correctly execute the way in which on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole.

Usually, for shore fishing, you’ll be able to both use a leger rig or a paternoster rig. Nevertheless, once you choose to catch mullet inside the piers, wall rocks, or river banks, the sunshine float rig is an efficient alternative.

Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole: Know the Required Supplies

Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole: Know the Required Supplies
Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole: Know the Required Supplies

Now that you have already got an concept about these vital issues that you’ll want to take note of when catching mullet, realizing the suitable supplies is the following massive factor to do. Simply be aware of the next and attempt to put together forward of time.


how to catch mullet with a fishing pole

Along with the above-mentioned bait choices, you too can attempt to use recent bread or only a tiny piece of cotton. One other finest instance of efficient bait for mullet fishing is oats. It will truly be higher in case you combined it with some garlic powder and water. Or, you too can go for a laying mash along with flour. Simply be sure that they’re mixed nicely with water for a sticky consistency.


For mullet fishing, most anglers use a 12 to 13-ft match rod that has tender to the medium by motion. The gentle spinning rod can be advisable.


Drag reel positioned on the rear is a wonderful choose for mullet fishing over freshwater. This truly options quick access and comfort in altering throughout mullet fishing exercise. In the meantime, a spinning reel with a entrance drag is a good alternative for saltwater mullet fishing. Though this sort of drag reel is sort of heavier, they often have extra energy.


The advisable fishing traces are 4-lb monofilament gentle traces that mainly solid bubble float. A swivel having 60cm of line hooked up to the hook can be advisable to attempt on.


For the hook, you need to use dimension #8 as much as #12 so that you can carry out the right approach on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole. Nevertheless, just be sure you don’t transcend 12. By way of the polystyrene float, you’ll be able to go for these having a 5 to 10 cm dimension from the hook. Keep in mind that it’s typically higher to have a smaller hook.

In distinction, some anglers are keen on utilizing hooks with a smaller dimension of 5cm. But, others aren’t comfy in utilizing such due to the very energetic conduct of the mullet fish. Usually, there’s a excessive risk of shedding your catch once you choose to make use of a small hook.

Procedural Information on Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole

Procedural Information on Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole
Procedural Information on Methods to Catch Mullet with a Fishing Pole

Since you might be already equipped with the fundamental info you’ll want to know in catching mullet, we’ll current essentially the most thrilling half to you. Now, in case you’re able to get your trophy, verify on the steps on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole.

Step #1:

Initially, the first step on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole is to go looking on the spot the place mullet is. Remember that mullet has a capability to tolerate salinity ranges inside the water; you’ll be able to often see them inside the shorelines, canals, and tidal rivers. It’s truly simple to take care of them as they at all times go in teams.

Step #2:

how to catch mullet with a fishing pole

After that, the following vital step to do is to arrange the hook, line, and bait that you’ll be going to make use of in catching mullet. You might use as much as a 20-inch size of fishing pole that’s best in casting with a bubble float. Surprisingly, you might have a option to make your personal model of float. The DIY float typically has a small portion of wine cork moderately than a float.

Step #3:

Do you wish to know one of the best technique on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole? Attempt to use a small fly throughout the night time. Night time fly fishing is finest when lured by the pure presentation approach. Normally, after we say of pure presentation, it additionally technique of pure baits.

Mullet fish are keen on feeding throughout the darkish and they’re looking for silhouettes. For them, they wish to feed something that’s submerged within the water under six inches and looks like meals. In such instances, it’s higher to make use of darkish traces and you’ll typically have an efficient approach on how you can catch mullet with a fishing pole.

Step #4:

Though it has a small dimension in comparison with different fish, mullets are usually vigorous as soon as bitten into the hook. So, in case you really feel that the mullet is already placing some weight in your fishing line, it’s advisable to not reel it too quick. As a lot as potential, reel the road very rigorously. Furthermore, a touchdown web is required to catch them efficiently as they’re truly good jumpers. Which means they’ll leap out on the water rapidly.

Useful Suggestions in Catching Mullet with a Fishing Pole

To efficiently assist you catch a mullet, verify on the next ideas that you could be contemplate doing

  • The perfect time for mullet fishing is throughout the daybreak and dawn. At these instances of the day when the tide is on its elevated stage, the mullet fish are typically energetic.
  • Faculties of mullet at all times are inclined to go on with the flood tide crossing rivers and take off from the ebb tide.
  • Because the group of mullet will appeal to scooting for canopy, its group tends to be shy and keep out of sight. Furthermore, in addition they transfer quietly and crouch on a decrease stage.
  • It’s truly advisable to instantly tighten your fishing line the second you are feeling some chew on the hook. Keep in mind that mullet species at all times open their mouths and have a tendency to suck the meals inside it.
  • The lips of the mullet are typically tender. That’s why it’s higher to not tighten the fishing line to be able to keep away from the hook from tearing it out. When lifting the fish from the water, just be sure you use a web.

Incessantly Requested Questions


A: One of the simplest ways to draw mullets is to offer them an oatmeal chum. Chum bait typically will increase your risk to get them. Nevertheless, you continue to want to make use of your fishing hook and fishing line. This sort of bait will mainly enable teams of mullets to start out feeding on it. You too can solid within the chum and efficiently have a chew.


A: Apart from utilizing a fishing pole that calls for some sort of endurance, catching mullet may also be efficient by casting a web. That is primarily resulting from their conduct of feeding on detritus, algae, and different marine invertebrates.


A: The low focus of oxygen within the water is among the primary explanation why fish tends to maintain energetic for 5 minutes time. If the water space sometimes has much less oxygen, anticipate that mullet should soar extra.


A: With a purpose to preserve the freshness of the mullet, hold them inside good ice and canopy them. Additionally, don’t overlook to empty them. That approach, the mullet keep recent for a interval of 4 days or extra. Conduct an eye fixed verify on the mullet and be sure that they don’t seem to be hazy.


A: There are literally fish varieties that may be completely frozen nicely even for a yr. But, that varies relying on the right approach of freezing them. Nevertheless, within the case of mullet, freezing it would truly result in a lower in taste after 2 to three months.

Ultimate Phrases

The best way of catching mullet with a fishing pole is definitely one of the best ways to have this trophy fish. Though small in dimension, these fish species are typically energetic making them difficult to catch. At all times put together all of the required supplies that you just want in order that you’ll efficiently and successfully catch one. Nevertheless, be open to the potential of snagging out of your fishing line because the mullet will often attempt to escape. Due to that, it is extremely vital to strictly observe the steps in catching out mullet fish.

Do you might have any expertise in fishing mullets? How was it? We’d extremely respect it in case you share it with us!

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