The best way to Use Downriggers for Salmon

If you speak to fishermen who concentrate on salmon species about trolling with downriggers, nearly all of them can have a setup they may swear by. For the previous 15 years of salmon fishing, the whole lot has already been revealed. Every information can have its personal distinctive sauce with regards to trolling for salmon with downriggers. Nonetheless, how are you going to establish which truly works and which is solely nonsense? It’s essential to set the document straight on one of the best ways to troll salmon with downriggers. The next are the strategies and ideas which have aided knowledgeable anglers to catch tons of fish over the previous decade. It’s essential to know use downriggers for salmon effectively to catch all salmon varieties in any scenario.

How do Downriggers Work? – use downriggers for salmon

How to Use Downriggers for Salmon

Utilizing downriggers is fairly fundamental. They provide the capacity to sink your trolling rig and tease them to a selected space by connecting the rig to the mainline. The road is weighted often consists of a wire with a 5 to 10-pound weight on its finish. Simply a number of distances above, a clip can maintain your fishing line and supply sufficient strain to decrease down with the load. As soon as a fish bites your lure, the clip will get freed of the weighted line so you possibly can haul the fish. The downrigger works excellently for salmon and different deep-dwelling fish species, similar to groupers.

The weighted line can both be retrieved by a guide crank or with an electrical motor. Downrigger that makes use of electrical motors are pricier than the guide ones.

Why Use Downriggers? — use downriggers for salmon

Earlier than stepping into the particulars of trolling for salmon using downriggers, you will need to talk about first why they need to be used within the first place. If you happen to’re nonetheless undecided about getting a downrigger, the next factors can persuade you.


These are extraordinarily correct. No guessing video games as to the place your lure is at. Downriggers make the most of actual measurements as to how deep your lure needs to be. This offers you with the power to get your trolling lure precisely the place it needs to be.


Downriggers usually are not an enormous funding. A majority of downrigger setups will solely value you $100, and they’re long-lasting. And cranking the downrigger is an inexpensive fishing gadget.


A downrigger offers you additional flexibility. Downriggers make means so that you can get your bait near the salmon past the attain using divers or different weight preparations. If you happen to’re fishing for an enormous salmon that lives 80 ft down, you gained’t get any hassle getting your lure to such depths. It must also be famous that downriggers are a terrific selection for different sorts of fish, similar to yellowfin tuna and lake trout.

Downrigger elements– use downriggers for salmon

How to Use Downriggers for Salmon

Downriggers are easy to make use of and have a streamlined design. A spool will maintain a protracted size of downrigger cable as much as 600 ft, which at present makes use of largely stainless-steel wire. The cable begins on the spool and runs the size of the increase in a pulley.

The cable usually goes over the pulley and is affixed on the finish of the cable on the downrigger’s weight. Weights can are available in varied styles and sizes, however the common is a 10-pound cannonball. Mounted to the cable both to the load or not removed from the load is the downrigger fastener. That is the place the place you connect the fishing line when it’s time to forged the bait or lure. The downrigger mounting is affixed to your boat and the downrigger permitting you to take away the downrigger when it’s not in use.

Types of Downriggers– use downriggers for salmon

Downriggers can be found in each guide and electrical varieties. These two completely different fashions have their benefits and drawbacks. Steel downriggers are extra compact and doesn’t want energy. They’re additionally extra inexpensive.

The drawback is that you just had to make use of guide energy to get them up, which is usually a little bit of a problem; there are some good downrigger manufacturers in the marketplace, so make sure to test them out.

Alternatively, electrical downriggers would require an influence supply and wiring and can value extra and make the most of shifting elements, which implies additional repairs. Nonetheless, it doesn’t require guide energy to boost them. Thus, it’s simpler on the angler because the downrigger will be adjusted with a change’s flip. The angler is free to retrieve the strains and permits it to maneuver shortly and speedily to get the downrigger weight out of the way in which when fighting a fish, particularly when they’re angling alone on a ship deck.

One other issue is getting a downrigger with a big sufficient increase to maintain your strains free from the boat throughout turns. It’s essential to have air to mount your downriggers to be able to retrieve the downrigger to be clipped to connect strains and have a deck weight space for storing to stow the downriggers when not in use.

How-to-Use Downriggers: use downriggers for salmon

Put your downrigger on the downrigger bracket and place the increase in such a means that it factors parallel to the port or starboard aspect of the watercraft. Fasten the downrigger weight on the finish of the cable and submerge it within the water. Affix the downrigger clip to both the cable or weight.

The best way to use downriggers for salmon? Put the boat in movement and create a ahead motion. Make the most of the setup you will have chosen. Ensure there are 5 to 25 ft of line. Fasten the road to the downrigger clip. Launch the spool reel however maintain your thumb on the spool and decrease the downrigger slowly to the specified depth ensuring your reel doesn’t recoil.

Relying on the downrigger measurement and elegance, in addition to the pace at which you troll, the downrigger cable can lengthen at an angle into the water. That is referred to as blowback. With sufficient expertise, you’ll find out how a lot cable to free to get to the precise depth that you really want.


One method to discover out the quantity of blowback is to place the trolling pace and drop the load till it reaches the underside. The best way to use downriggers for salmon? Take a look at the depths your downrigger stays and examine it to the precise depth to find out the blowback ratio. Another choice is to have a look at your fishfinder. It’s going to typically point out your downrigger balls if they’re nonetheless inside the space of the fish finder.

Ensure you have interaction the reel. Put the rod on the rod holder and slowly loosen the slack within the line till it’s gone, and the rod has sufficient rigidity to create a parabolic arc. The best way to use downriggers for salmon? When a salmon bites the bait and turns into hooked, it’s going to often launch the road freed from the clip. The bending rod will act to attenuate any slack due to the strike when it will definitely straightens.

With sufficient expertise, you’ll be taught precisely the place to place the downrigger clip to set the road so that there’s ample rigidity to let you load the rod and remove the slack with out coming out the clip. It ought to occur in such a means that it’s not so deep into the clip that that salmon can’t simply transfer it out or, worse but, injury the road when putting. A fisherman may unintentionally take away the road out of the clip.

Salmon strikes

The best way to use downriggers for salmon? You at the moment are able to troll at your required pace. Over time many strikes are occurring when the boat is popping. The best way to use downriggers for salmon? As soon as the boat turns, the within line will decelerate as the surface quickens. This movement is erratic and appears to encourage the strike. The strike can occur anytime, so be vigilant when the boat turns.

The best way to use downriggers for salmon? The final settlement is it’s the greatest time to troll with the tide, however the wind energy and different variables must also be factored in. One other broadly accepted fact is that fishing is usually greatest two hours earlier than or by way of two hours after a tide change.

Downrigger Sort out- use downriggers for salmon

The best way to use downriggers for salmon? Tons of baits can be utilized to draw salmon. The most well-liked of which is herring. The herring fish will be rigged complete or plug reduce, and there are a lot of methods during which anglers can rig herring. The frequent technique is that these fishes get pleasure from a slower wider spin whereas the coho species get pleasure from quick, tight spins. The entire herring will be rigged using a mattress to provide this spin, whereas plug cuts are utilized in a compound angle to offer the specified spin. The best way to use downriggers for salmon?  It is suggested to brine your baits since they may last more and in addition look higher. It’s also possible to add some scent, and there are all kinds of scents which have confirmed their utility.

Common baits

Different well-known baits will embody hoochies that replicate plugs. It’s also possible to make the most of trolling spoons and flies. Baits with UV and glow are one of the best choices, particularly when fishing at deeper depths beneath 60 ft. Including scents will even be useful.

General, anglers will likely be positioning the flasher forward of the baits to make vibration and supply motion to the baits. Nicely-known producers of flashers embody corporations like hotspot and Professional troll. The selection of flashers is almost infinite in the marketplace today, and your private desire and scenario will affect your buying resolution.


Rods should have a gentle tip and a stable butt part. Rods have to be gentle sufficient to permit salmon to take the bait and switch with out an excessive amount of resistance. However the rod needs to be robust sufficient on the backside half of the water to permit an angler to govern a ten to 40-pound struggling fish. Typically there will likely be obstacles just like the rods of different anglers and outboard motors which are navigating round. For many fishermen utilizing the casting fashion rods, they like rods which are 7 to 9 ft in size and have a score of 10 to 25 kilos. Some manufacturers make good ones, though many producers make good high quality rods.


It’s essential that reels have a powerful, clean drag and might handle of hundred meters of 50-pounds of take a look at braid. The reel half will obtain the pressure when fishing for salmon, so get one of the best your finances can afford.

The speed used within the mainline in a 50-pound take a look at braid is a superb selection. A 50-foot prime shot is connected to the braid, which permits for a quiet presentation and provides only a stretch, which minimizes pulled hooks.

Chief materials

The chief materials within the pound take a look at is your private selection. A typical chief size is often 2 to 4 ft. If you happen to’re searching for a flasher to impart good motion on the bait, a shorter or stiffer chief will present extra influence to your lure. Place the gear within the water and change on the motor at trolling pace and see what the motion will likely be like. Make changes as wanted to get sufficient motion however not a lot that the whole lot turns into erratic.

Discovering Salmon- use downriggers for salmon

King Salmon lives in water depths typically at the very least 60 ft down below and is often nearer to the underside than the floor. Coho fish dwell within the higher elements of the water column, usually at 80 ft. Since each are dashing for bait in saltwater areas, they usually grasp round pinnacles, kelp beds, and comparable areas. You will need to be aware that sure areas will obtain trolling higher relying on the tide.

Seek for strains, streams, and different recognized fruitful spots previously. One benefit of trolling is you possibly can cowl a wider water space whilst you’re shifting to find fish whilst you’re nonetheless fishing.

Last ideas


Angling is an thrilling sport and journey. Salmon fish have a specific conduct that makes it prone to being caught with downriggers. It’s essential to know use downriggers for salmon if you’re concentrating on this fish. Catching a salmon is a rewarding prize. Not solely will you get an Instagram-worthy trophy fish, additionally, you will have a superb meal.

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